Terracycle Recycling Christchurch Fenlands Recycling Stations

Terracycle Recycling Christchurch Fenlands Recycling Stations

Christchurch Eco Terracycle Recycling Streams

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In Christchurch, we currently have 1 recycling station which is located on the junction of Fen View (opposite where the post van would park). The recycling station is for community public use open to everyone, in the village and surrounding villages. All items taken here are items that would normally end up in landfill sites polluting our planet. They are NOT for general rubbish.

We have an amazing group of volunteers who help look after these stations, they will check and empty them periodically, and report back any problems or issues. The Items are collected by a company called Terracycle who break them down, turn them into plastic pellets and turn them back into reusable products, such as garden furniture, and watering cans, as a bonus, if we collect a sufficient quantity of our items we can also earn money for. Each station has instructions and guidelines, all easy to follow so please consider our eco-project and our volunteers and follow these strictly. 

Important Note

Remember our goal is to reduce the amount of waste landing in landfill sites, this will help protect our planet, reduce our methane and CO2 gas, protect our animal conservation and help start re-building the damage we have done to our world. It is scary being a pioneer, I know It is easy to look at countries like the US and China who are some of the biggest contributors to pollution and say “well there worse my little bit won’t help” but we need to change that attitude, if we ALL do our little bit, it makes a huge difference to the whole picture, little steps lead to big changes. Be a pioneer and make your mark on the world.

Christchurch Eco Currently Accept The Following Waste Items With Our Terracycle Accounts