Anglian Water Energy Saving Options

Anglian Water Energy Saving Options

Save Water, Help The Planet

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It’s funny when we say we need to save water, were an island surrounded by water, but unfortunately just because we’re an island doesn’t mean we’re impervious to water shortages, our population is expanding rapidly and our climate is changing at a rapid rate, putting a strain on old outdated water purification systems, These mean that if we don’t start acting now to conserve our water use, and reduce damage to our water systems we could see future water bans, rationing or worse, no water. It is no a myth, or scaremongering, its just a fact of life.

But we can make a difference, Anglia Water is working hard on not only helping customers reduce their water bills by up to £40 a year, but also implementing water-reducing applications to help cut down the amount of water you use.

Use the links below to learn more about Anglia Waters free home services, including a home water efficiency visit, plant water saving kits, and kitchen water protection devices. 

Please watch the video, and do your bit to save water. 🙂 There application form is quick and easy.