Upcycle Your Old

Upcycle Your Old Plant Pots And Trays

Fun Ways To Re-Use Those Old Plant Pots

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Unfortunately it seems, for now at least that despite our herculean efforts, companies are still falling behind the times, Our village is full of amazing green thumbs, people who love there gardens, and encourage beautiful nature, but as we all know the excess plant pots are just a menace, there not recyclable (yet), and for us at least here in Christchurch in the Fens, no one is offering to recycle them. I reached out to lots of nurseries, garden centres, and big-box stores, and unfortunately, they do not offer any kind of plan. So for now at least, the best thing we can do is find a creative way to re-use them. So below ive found some amazing sites which will show you ways to re-used any pots and trays you no longer need. Hopefully, in the future, we can see there’s being re-used or recycled by bigger companies.