Learn How To

Learn How To Compost

Create Rich, Nutritional Compost For Your Eden

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Composting is fun, but it can be a challenge to get right, a good compost heap needs a mixture of green nitrogen-enriched materials, like food scraps and garden prunings, and brown carbon-rich materials like wood and hedge trimmings, and cardboard. You want to keep your compost moist, creating layers to help break down the materials, rather than just dumping all your waste in one pile, and you need to be sure to avoid putting things meat scraps or bones.

The video included is from the Better Homes And Gardens and is a fantastic guide on getting started, ive also included some links to other sites, these are a great source of education, with tips on stopping your compost from smelling, reducing flies, and tips on how to fix compost thats too wet or too dry.