Upcycle Your Old

Upcycle Your Old Coffee Capsules

Fun Ways To Turn Old Coffee Capsules Into Home And Garden Decorations.

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Coffee capsules or “K Cups” as they’re also known, are a particularly difficult item to recycle, due to the different materials that there made from, and because organic material (the coffee its self) is very difficult to separate and clean. This poses a very build environmental problem due to the number of coffee capsules used daily.

Unfortunately, Fenland District Council is unable to recycle them, and Christchurch Eco is unable to secure a recycling stream with Terracycle.

However, there are some fun ways to turn your old coffee capsules into home and garden decorations. Including seed pots, lights, art stamps and more. Below, is some fun ideas for you to try. Please post photos of your creations on our Facebook page, so we can enjoy your artistry.