A Fenland Village not aiming to change the whole world Just the little piece that we live in

A Fenland VIllage not aiming to change the whole world, Just the little piece we live in

Christchurch Fenland Community Eco Programme

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I have a new update for everyone, please visit the Terracycle recycling page to learn more.


Terracycle Recycling Streams

We use Terracycle to take unrecyclable waste to reduce pressure on landfills and earn money for Townley School.

We Can Accept Inkjet Cartridges

Other Recycling Streams

Along with Terracycle, we also collect other difficult to recycle items to further stop waste going to landfills

Christchurch Eco - Recycling Companies

Recycling Labels

We have put together a handy guide on the various recycling labels you may find on packaging material

Christchurch Eco - Plant Pot Recycling Plant Box, compost eco friendly diy projects

Eco Friendly DIY Projects

Turn items that would end up in the trash into DIY projects and learn to be more eco-friendly

Christchurch Eco - Fenland District Council Logo

Fenland District Council Info

Helpful Information on environmental services provided by Fenland District Council, This link will take you to their website

lowres bin with logo

Getting It Sorted

Helpful Information on what items goes in what bin. This link will take you to their website

Water Harvester

Energy Bill Saving Tips And Tricks

We have put together some handy hints and tips to help you save money on your energy bills, and to help reduce your energy consumption. Use the link below to learn more.

Cambridge Hedghogs - Christchurch Eco (4)

Animal Conservation

Check out ways you can support British wildlife here in our community

Christchurch Eco - CCORN - Paint

Cambridge Community Reuse And Recycling Network

CCORRN is a social enterprise that rescues things like paint, craft materials, food, toiletries and business surplus for our members to creatively reuse them.